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Metalworking in a wide range


We produce multi-functional dies (presses) and pneumatic actuators for making holes in aluminum joinery profiles, concrete and asphalt milling machines, compactors and concrete trowels.


We have our own design office, where we are able to solve our clients’ construction problems, prepare design documentation, etc. We also create our own constructions.


A large machine base allows us to provide a wide range of services for customers – turning, milling, electro-eroding EDM and WEDM, grinding, locksmithing, welding and many others.


A wide range of services

  • CNC turning and conventional
  • CNC and conventional milling
  • EDM and WEDM electro-driving
  • Work on boring machines
  • Flat and round sanding
  • Welding TiG, MiG, inverter (electrode)
  • Assembly department, locksmith

The latest technologies

CNC machine tools of the world’s leading companies, CAD computer design


Design office

We are able to solve the construction problems of our customers (design and execution of unusual details or devices).

Our specialty is metalworking

We provide the highest quality and precision of metalworking services. Our projects are created with passion and commitment, so we are sure that by choosing us, you choose a partner who shares your vision and goals.

We have a PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate confirming our commitment to the production quality management system.

Cedrtyfikat ISO

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We are in the industry for over 35 years!

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